The Ministry of the Environment

NewRetex is a part of the Textile Waste Partnership, that aims to promote development, with participation of several municipalities and companies in the waste sector. 

The Association of Municipalities in Denmark, the Confederation of Danish Industry, and the Danish Chamber of Commerce also participate in the partnership. Together, the partners will develop and explore solutions to expand the possibilities for handling and sorting textiles, develop recycling technologies, and increase outlets for textile waste.

Textile Symbiosis Herning

Lifestyle & Design Cluster has initiated the project 'Textile Symbiosis Herning – Textile Residues and Waste as a Resource,' aiming to ensure the optimal utilization of textile resources, especially as all Danes are likely to start sorting textile waste from 2023.

Together with Herning Municipality, key stakeholders, and 25 local businesses, we will identify and test innovative systems that can motivate and inspire the development of new circular business models and reduce environmental impact. The project will also provide recommendations for changes to regulations, research and development of recycling solutions, and testing of new innovative solutions within the circular mindset.
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