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NewRetex receives, sorts and processes discarded textiles. To maximize the recycling possibilities, the textiles are sorted into qualities and colors. Keeping as much of the textiles in the same loop as possible, is the primary goal. By doing this, a large portion of clothes can become clothes once again.

Unfortunately, the possibilities that exist today doesn’t allow all qualities and compositions to be recycled. However, recycling textiles is a major focus area of the European Union, and it has been agreed that all countries of the EU must recycle a larger share of their waste, including textiles. This agreement has created a new market for recycled textiles.


No waste sorting plan has ever existed, and therefore little attention has been paid to the area of sorting textiles.
This fact is changed by the new legislation of the European Union. Following this legislation, Denmark will begin sorting textile waste from 2022 while the remaining countries of the EU will follow from 2025.

Due to this fact, developing the sorting technology will not only be interesting in Denmark, but also far beyond the Danish borders.
It is also very likely that textile manufacturers in the future will be charged a tax.

Coupled with the forthcoming possibility to sorting textile, and the general change of attitude among consumers, textile recycling will suddenly become insanely hot.

action required

Resources of the Earth

The textile industry has a massive impact on several environmental factors like climate, chemistry and water consumption.

For this reason, it’s important to promote the green agenda that has been initiated by the industry itself. The demand for recycled products and sustainable processes is being supported by companies, customers and authorities alike, and due to this general demand, a new and exciting market is now unfolding. Competitive advantages on a global scale waits for those who chooses to follow.

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A business model constructed around a circular economy and development of technological possibilities is the key to increase recycling of discarded textiles.

Our mission is that the second version of the sorting plant can be ready for sorting 10 tonnes of textile waste per week by the third quarter of 2022.

The overall goal is that by 2025, the full-scale plant will be sorting 40,000 tonnes of textile waste per week.
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Rikke Bech - Founder

Business development
Background: The textile industry

Morten Balle - Founder

Technical developer
Background: Processes and management

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