What Is

Textile Waste?

Textile waste is all types of discarded textiles that cannot be used in their current form. It can, for example, be clothes, bedding, curtains, tablecloths and much more. The textile waste can also be residual products from textile production, e.g. clippings and other non-usable textiles.

Handing over textile waste

Do you have textile waste that you would like to get rid of? At NewRetex, we can sort all types of textile waste so that the fibers can be reused.
Desposition of Textile Waste

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Textile Waste

Why are textiles discarded?

There can be many reasons for discarding textiles. It can, for example, concerns worn, damaged and torn textiles, textiles with faults, clippings and other unusable textiles, discontinued styles etc.

The challenge

According to a report from McKinsey, every single European produces more than 15 kg of textile waste per year. And the vast majority of this waste is burned or ends up in large landfills around the world.

There is thus ample opportunity to ensure more sustainable handling, so that the textile waste can instead become a resource.

Think sustainably, think economically, think recycling

At NewRetex, we ensure efficient sorting of textile waste that complies with applicable regulations.

How do we help?

It is about taking good care of the earth's resources - we must not only use our resources in a more appropriate way, but also get better at using the resources again and again.

At NewRetex, we make sure that as many textiles as possible can get new life. Our goal: That more clothes can become clothes again.
Read about UN's sustainable development goals

12: Responsible consumption and production


14: New production of textiles discharges large amounts of chemicals and microplastics into the sea.

15: The space that is not used to grow cotton can be used to restore nature. We will plant trees. Etc.

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