Textile Sorting

We provide intelligent and automated sorting of waste textiles

NewRetex receives, sorts and processes discarded textiles. This means that the textiles are sorted by quality and colour. By sorting the textiles, we can increase the possibilities for recycling, so that the discarded textiles can become new clothes.
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Innovative development

Intelligent and automatic

The company

NewRetex is a relatively new company that innovatively develops knowledge and processes about how new sensor, robot and automation technology can be used to carry out intelligent and automated sorting of discarded textiles.

The Production

At NewRetex, we currently use a pilot test plant where we can process 10 tons per week. During 2022/23, the facility will be expanded so that in 2025 it can process 40,000 tonnes of waste textiles on an annual basis.


Our Technology

At NewRetex, we use state-of-the-art robotic technology, where effective sensors help to identify the functioning of the waste.
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The circular description

Our goal is that as much textile as possible should remain in a circular loop, where used clothes can be turned into new fibers.
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