Automatic sorting line for textile waste with full traceability

A flexible solution scalable according to your wishes and needs

A ground-breaking sorting solution

Newretex has developed a ground-breaking sorting solution with innovative technology to sort large quantities of textile waste in precise categories according to material type, material composition and color – with built in traceability.
Innovative and efficient sorting lines

With our sorting facility you get:

Efficient and detailed sorting, scalable and fit for large volumes
Compliance to upcoming legislation including data collection and traceability throughout the process
Sorting according to circular recycling demands and optimized recycling options for textile waste

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Find out how our sorting plant can work in YOUR market. Our effective solution can be easily adapted to your conditions and wishes, and scaled as needed. 

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Innovative and efficient sorting lines

With our expert knowledge and specialized experience we facilitate the process

We suggest a joint journey, where we find the best solution for both parties

Our solution covers:


A sorting plant, pre-sorting, cages, bailers, etc


Our MES system HUGINN which is our traceability


Development of sorting recipes, training of equipment and people etc.

Advisory consultations

Our experts can advise throughout the entire process

Licensing of software/hardware

By buying a license for our products, you can get started quickly

A preliminary project

We can also help with a preliminary project that can pave the way 

How to get started

A preliminary project
After an initial meeting, we offer to facilitate a preliminary project in collaboration with you.

It is in this process we classify what your need is and how NewRetex can find the best possible solution. The process involves us diving into your value chain, together with your partners to secure the optimal.

A preliminary project starts at €6,700, but the price is individual, as it all depends on the size of the task and the hourly requirement therein.

The preliminary project results in a proposal and a suggested plan for phase 2.

With our effective solution you can...

Sort according to demands for circular solutions and recycled material
Get data and traceability on sorted textiles
Comply to current and upcoming legislation
Get support and ongoing updates
Automatic sorting of large quantities of textile waste

During the last 3 years we have built strong partnerships with a wide range of companies within the textile and recycling business

Our customers

We work with a wide range of different companies within:

Fashion, sports and workwear

waste management

textile manufacturing and production

fiber making and spinnig

sorting, recycling, up and down cycling


public bodies (such as governments)

consulting companies


Efficiency and accuracy come first

Our experience shows that 60% of the textile waste is suitable for recycling. At NewRetex we have a 99,3% accuracy in sorting of clean fractions
Textile suitable for recycling
Accuracy in sorting

We are ready to enroll our sorting solutions now

All European countries are obliged to collect and sort textile waste by 1st of January 2025, and following is the forthcoming regulations within the textile industry, promoting transparency, traceability and responsible practice. 

It is expected to state regulations upon sustainable production and efficient recycling, transitioning into a circular textile industry.

A preliminary project runs over approx. 10-14 weeks and the next phase can start following this

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