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NewRetex YARNS® is a new yarn made from recycling fibers sourced from worn-out clothes that are sorted and processed with full traceability from waste to yarns.

NewRetex YARNS® promote circular fashion

Recycled Yarns using pre-consumer textile waste and PET is well-known and the production process as well, but the process of using post-consumer textile waste is new and brings new challenges with it.
Since 2021, our yarn development team has been diligently learning about the unique requirements posed by post-consumer textiles when producing new quality fibers. 

In close collaboration with skilled spinners, we have continuously tested and developed fibers, compositions and yarns and at the same time refined techniques, to ensure that we meet our ambition of creating and producing beautiful, recycled yarns with a long lifespan, using post-consumer textile waste.
Buy NewRetex YARNS® made from post-consumer textile waste. Contact me if you would like to hear about the possibilities of purchasing our yarn.

Betina Theilgaard Lauridsen

Circular Product Developer

Mechanical recycled Yarns

The meticulous sorting process forms the foundation for crafting high-quality recycled yarns, utilizing post-consumer textile waste sourced from our facility.

Based on the uniform fractions, we select the best suitable ones, and make into yarns together with experienced partners.

First accessories and trim are removed, and the garments are cut in smaller pieces. Then they are scraped up into open fibers suitable for spinning, resulting in a wide range of different NewRetex recycled yarns.
Read about the sorting process »

When you buy NewRetex Recycled Yarns, you contribute to:

Keeping valuable resources in circulation
Turning post-consumer textile waste into new garments
Reducing the use of virgin materials
Reducing the amount of textile waste
Lowering the use of water and chemicals in production

Quality Testing

All yarns are tested to meet average quality standards of yarns. For quality test of exact lots please reach out.

Chemical Testing

Post-consumer textile waste from NewRetex is tested in a random test flow to see if it complies to AFFIRM.


The color of a yarn is determined by the input material and our options of blending in the fiber process. For this reason there will be color variation between lots.

How to use NewRetex Yarns in your next collection?

NewRetex can be your nominated yarn supplier. Just reach out to your garment manufacturer and ask them to purchase NewRetex Yarns. Give them our contact information and we will provide top service and ensure that NewRetex Yarns are incorporated in your supply chain.

Who can use it?

Pricing Plans

NewRetex can be a nominated yarn supplier, for at wide range of companys within the textile industry.

Fashion Brands

Textile Manufacturer

Home Texile Brands

Work Wear Brands

By choosing NewRetex Yarns in your textile production, you meet upcoming EU legal requirements, including:
Full traceability in the supply chain
Digital product passport
Use of recycled materials
Use of materials suitable for post-consumer recycling

Refining textile waste

NewRetex Yarns is made in a mechanical recycling process containing post-consumer textile waste, refining the discarded garments into a valuable resource and bringing them to life as new clothes and textiles.
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If you want to know more about the possibilities at NewRetex, get in touch with Betina...
Betina Theilgaard Lauridsen
Circular Product Developer

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